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2010-05-10 18:25:13 by sorohanro

Me on "interwebs"
My Website:
MySpace page:
Last FM:
All About Jazz: 1

NG Achievements:
First Place on MAC 08 Flight in Freedom with track "Icarus - Dream of Flight"
First Place on MAC 09 Valoltines with song "You Make Me Feel (Like a Penicorn)"
Music used in games:
Music for "The Insanity" game by EvilKris.
Music for "Xmas Champion" game by Zupperman.
Silly Cat, it's a Ragtime ! used in 11 Flash entries !!!
Music for NG Office Adventure v1.3 by Afro-Ninja, a virtual tour of NG office.
Music for Social Studies Quiz a simple quiz game by SpyreWorks.
Music for Pepe Pillz game by PopBrain.
SHIFT 3 and PongMP using my track "Genesis" which was originally made for a theater play.
Music for Secret Kisses
... and more...

Selling music:
Album For Sale:
Selling licenses for my music:

Freebies I offer for music production:
Muted Trumpet Solo Loops in C 100 bpm
Jazz Trumpet Loops Pack in F 90 bpm
Jazz Brass Loops Pack in C 120 bpm
MultiSampla Rock Pack Free

Tracks included in Mu.Lab 3 official release and Demo Sessions.

More or less official video for Eden - Nirvana

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Swinging Train - Oleo (2008) (composition by Sonny Rollins)

/* */
Slang - Got Stuff live at Golden Stag, Brasov, Romania (2005)

/* */
Eden at Lithuanian National Eurovision semifinals, LRT, Vilnius, Lithuania (2010)

/* */
Eden at Lithuanian National Eurovision finals, LRT, Vilnius, Lithuania (2010)

/* */
With Balkan Winds

/* */
Narkoma - Social Coma (2001)-video by Eugen Kelemen, me on bass

/* */
Timohi - Optimizmas - live at Tele3 - Myliu LT

/* */
Ultimul Rand - live at Félsziget Festival in 2007

/* */
Interviews & Album Reviews & Press
Rockritic - Mihai Sorohan - Anachronic
Teen Press - Interview
Article about our band on "Sighisoara Blues Festival" 2006
Article on "Threepenny Opera", me as musical director

To be added more info soon.

I'm an internet meme

2010-04-27 19:10:55 by sorohanro

I have the tendency to meet myself in many places at the same time.
Latest find was THIS. A good usage of my free trumpet loop packs.
Another find is HERE, Erin Gee's prologue for 2plus2, which was premiered in September 2009 as part of CrossHatch: Dance and the Arts in three Saskatchewan cities.
Also worth to mention my demo tracks for Mu.Lab. Some of them are included in the official release of the program.

Been There, Done That... Took Photos

2010-02-26 17:26:35 by sorohanro


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Took photos.

Been There, Done That... Took Photos

Going to Eurovision

2010-02-02 16:18:18 by sorohanro

For quite a while I'm busy with several bands, recording, rehearsing, going on TV... We tried with all the projects to go on Eurovision but only one was accepted. My favorite one got disqualified for an unknown yet reason :(

Anyway, we go with Eden.
Here's the official entry. You can go listen and vote. Kind of me on all guitars :)) LOL

This photo by my wife, Citrina.

Going to Eurovision

How could I be other than speechless ?
Take a look:

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Hacked and Banned

2009-11-17 14:41:37 by sorohanro

As some NG users already know, my account was hacked. I lost the moderator aura and some kid posted some crappy photos and links.
The hacked didn't stop here, he hacked my e-mails (yahoo and g-mail). I lost that way more than 100 contacts, theater directors, opera festivals organizers, studios, record labels...etc.
What sadden me the most is that I lost that way the e-mails I got from Silvia, my ex wife that passed away in 2005.
What do that means for Newgrounds users ?
1 - If you're submitting music for the first time, you'll have to wait even more than the usual. Now there are even less mods to deal with a list that goes sometimes over 200 users.
2 - That also means I'm less open to be nice to NGers, no more Free Trumpet Loops, no more Free Samples, no more helpful sharing of VST Effects, Drums no more help with mixing, recording or advices on forum. I'm banned from the forum anyway.
What do that mean for me?
1 - Losing money, jobs and opportunities to get myself in festivals or make music for theaters.
2 - Losing a part of my life that I can't get back. All the mails, love poems and communications with Silvia, when we were in different towns is lost.
3 - Losing copyrighted material that I have to receive from studios, 3 months of work.
What do that means for the one who did it?
Well... probably just stupid fun... but I promise that I'll get the issue to police and court process. I'll put all of my resources into that.

New Album Out Now - Anachronic by Mihai Sorohan

2009-04-02 06:27:55 by sorohanro

Finally, after months of waiting, my album is out.
You can buy it from the official website of the record label, Sysound, but soon you'll be able to buy it from NG store also.

The album features some amazing special guests:

Bogáti-Bokor Ákos - the guitarist and lieder of the band Yesterdays, a guitar player, composer, vocalist who have an obsession for vintage sound devices, especially mellotrons.
Bad Man Incorporated - one of my favorite musicians from NG, mostly known as guitar player but also a versatile vocalist who can make any style his own.
Petre Radu Scafaru - an amazing jazz saxophonist, known for collaborating with Burnt Sugar, the Arkestra Chamber. About him, critics wrote:
"The tenor saxophone work of Petre Radu-Scafaru, erotically when not skronkingly multiphonic, nastily embosses the track's luscious blend of frenzy and release."
Makkai István - the saxophone and clarinet player of the band Zakusca, a classical trained musician, we were in the same Music Academy and later in State Philharmonic of Targu-Mures.
Denes Jozsef - a very interesting guitar player, heck, we were starting years ago our first jazz band together... now he is more into ethnic fusion.
Felix Mircea Modovan - drums on the new version of Thracian Dance, we were playing together in Slang, One and many other projects, from jazz to electronic music.
Citrina - well, much more of a visual artist than a musician but, as she says "managed to be in the right place at the right time".
She made the album cover and design of my website.

Now comes a totally different chapter, for who know already something about my life and my loss.
As a tribute to Silvia Sorohan (01 Jan. 1982 - 05 Dec. 2005), first song is featuring her on voice.

List of tracks:
1- Wake Up feat. Silvia Sorohan-voc
2- The Journey feat.Bogáti-Bokor Ákos-guit, synth guit
3- Miles Away
4- Wasteland of Time
feat.Bogáti-Bokor Ákos-guit
5- Love for Eternity feat.Bad Man Inc.-voc
6- Nostalgia in Times Circle feat.Makkai István-alto sax
7- Smoke Ballerina feat.Makkai István-alto sax
8-Old-timer feat Citrina-voc
9-Wanna Go Home
10- Etnographia
11-Thracian Dance
feat.Petre Radu Scafaru-tenor sax, Felix Mircea Moldovan-drums, Anghel Marc-kaval
12-Lighthouse Lullaby

Also, you can watch a video with the band Slang featuring me on the trumpet.

/* */
That was in 2005... well, I hope I can film some more stuff from the promoting tour of the album.

And when something happen, everything else start to happen at the same time :)
At the same time, my collaboration with band "Yesterdays" got out.
Here's a video of the recording session for "THE SPAGHETTI EPIC" Volume Three - The Great Silence (Musea Compilation).

/* */
Mihai Sorohan's Anachronic album produced, released and sold by Sysound

New Album Out Now - Anachronic by Mihai Sorohan

R.I.P. Tony Novak

2009-03-11 09:46:13 by sorohanro

Today I found out that one of my best friends, Tony Novak, died this Sunday.
He was the one who helped me to put together my first computer and started me making music on it. He was a gifted musician, proud to be a gypsy and crazy about his musical roots.
Once he went away for 6 months from his family to be with a gypsy nomad caravan... he came home full of fleas and lice, but happy because he heard original stories and music of his people.

I found on YouTube some of his music.

/* */
And here one "official" video that he made for more "mainstream" listeners. He's the one with the guitar (not the fat guy in the video).

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I Just Updated My Website

2008-11-28 18:06:48 by sorohanro

I'm glad to announce that I've updated my website.
There is now a player from ReverbNation, some new Photos from Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival. There were some jam sessions every night after concerts in "Holiday Inn" hotel, something not to miss.
Too bad I don't have photos from when Erik Truffaz was on stage there ... Still, I have photos jamming with his bass player (he have awesome groove).
Here is a video from the festival:

/* */
In the photo appears also Darius Rudis on drums

I Just Updated My Website

All About (my) Jazz

2008-09-04 06:57:31 by sorohanro

Several days ago I received an invitation from "All About Jazz" to make a profile page and put some tunes for download there ... quite flattering I say ...
Some days ago, making a Google search on my name I found myself on some records I forgot about ... Shukar Collective - Rromatek.
So, here's a list of my recordings as a side musician or band member:
2003 - Balkan Winds - live at Deutche Welle (trumpet)
2004 - Nightlosers - Rhythm & Bulz (trumpet)
2006 - One- demo (trumpet)
2006 - Glidq - live at Delta RFI (trumpet)
2007 - Shukar Collective - Rromatek (trumpet)
2008 - Kaska - Liber si nesilit de nimeni (trumpet)
2008 - Teodora Iacob - Efecte speciale (trumpet)
2008 - Black Chocolate - demo (piano, guitar, trumpet)
and in January of 2009 on Musea Records will be released The Spaghetti Epic III where is featured track "Suite Pauline" by band Yesteerdays featuring David Speight on drums and me on trumpet :)

Also some people are buying my music from my "" page, despite of the fact that I have there links to all the places where you can have it for free ... guess some people wanted to support me :)

so, here, have some links of me over net:
Mihai Sorohan Official Website
Mihai Sorohan on All About Jazz
Mihai Sorohan on Reverb Nation
Mihai Sorohan on Soundclick
Mihai Sorohan on My Space
Mihai Sorohan on Facebook
Mihai Sorohan on Last FM
Mihai Sorohan on Noisehead

My newest tracks, submitted for MAC8 - Flight in Freedom: /178458 /179964

todat Oct. 21, 2008 I'n featured artist of the day on Noisehead, on Jazz page