Relief Songs For Japan Album Out Now !!!

2011-05-05 18:15:10 by sorohanro

Hi everyone
I'm proud to announce that the album "Relief Songs For Japan" it's now available for sale on iTunes.Soon will be available in other online shops.

In March Audio Draft launched a campaign that encouraged artists to write their best relief songs for Japan. More than 50 artists submitted their tracks and 10 tracks were chosen to represent the Audio Draft music community in this charity action.
You can listen to the album on Soundcloud.
I'm proud to say that one of my tracks made it to the album :)

"It is a showcase of the talent of the AudioDraft community and delivers solid tracks from melancholic pop rock to sophisticated electronica and classical music." - AudioDraft Team

Track list:
1 - Heal - Monica Blaire 3:46
2 - The Missing (feat. Holly) - ADHMusic 4:30
3 - An Obstruction (Piano Improvisation) - Roeland Struijk 3:48
4 - Crumbs And Broken Shells (Alt Mix) - Sarah Fimm 5:01
5 - Blank Coast - Animatik 5:59
6 - Japanese Heart - Julex 5:55
7 - Make The World Listen - Patchers 4:01
8 - Hope To See You Again - Mihai Sorohan 4:47
9 - Pray For Japan - Yukibon 3:02
10 - Refugees - Posthouse Tuomi 2:00
Each track separately costs $0.99 and all album cost $9.90. All incomes from the album sales are donated to the Japan Aid of Finnish Red Cross, so, grab a copy and beside enjoying good music you'll know that you did something good for some people that need your help and empathy.

More info about the project - HERE
The official page of the album - HERE
The album on iTunes - HERE
The album on Amazon - HERE

Relief Songs For Japan Album Out Now !!!


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2011-05-23 17:48:50

Hey there, it's been a while. Glad to had been part of this ;D
See you around,