Bizet's Carmen, an inspiration for many

2013-02-01 16:40:51 by sorohanro

Probably the best version, the one who won the internet olimpics:

Another funny version, more complete as music parts:

And one stupid and annoying, so we cover all categories:

Enjoy :)


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2013-02-03 04:59:05

Hehe, good stuff!
In my old band, the horn players had a running joke of fitting quotes from this piece into solos-- trying to crack each other up (especially when trading fours).
Brings back good memories.

sorohanro responds:

Cool :))
Cultural jokes which needs a bit of understanding and knowing the cultural background to get them.


2013-02-04 12:46:14

Cool stuff. Funny too. I remember the orange one. I also remember the fucked up dreams that went with it. Thanks for that. lol.

sorohanro responds:

:)) Some people smoke stuff to get fucked up dreams, you just need oranges LOL
How are you? hope life is good and things go well "on the metal side" ;)