Full Movie (on which I am coauthor of the music)

2014-11-23 20:22:16 by sorohanro

Some time ago I worked with a friend on making the music on this movie. It's quite a sweet story:



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2014-12-06 02:37:29

oh my god, i watched every second of it and loved it.
everything was so simplistic and beautiful.
the elegant house was just amazing, the whole movie was just so interesting.

but what i'm wondering, was the beginning a flash back? or what? you know when she just leaves.

sorohanro responds:

I don't think it's a flash back. I think it's a part of his transformation. basically, when the movie starts, he's a total @sshole, then you find out why (wife that left him for a rich guy and took the kid) and then he get more human and nice.