Rubber Love

2017-02-19 19:36:58 by sorohanro

I fell in love with... rubber ducks. I want to buy those but my wife told me she'll kick me in the balls if I do it.

As much as I seem a masochist sometimes, I won't risk, but here's some links for future reference to the awesome rubber ducks.

First one is a Batman duck, the one that started my passion:


The next one is going to space. As a kid I wanted to be an astronaut.


Robots. Robots are cool, in a Jetsons kind of way.


And the last one is a classsic. You should always respect classics.



Oh well... one day... one day...


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2017-02-19 22:45:15

I need a rubber duck in my life

sorohanro responds:

Don't we all?


2017-02-20 00:01:04

lol, rubber duckies are cool. I made one in college. 35 pounds (almost 16 kilograms) of solid bronze. I'd sell it to you for one million dollars. I'd need at least half that to cover the shipping weight. I need to repaint it but here's a picture. Cat next to heavy metal duckie for scale:

sorohanro responds:

That's really cool... and heavy.