New EP

2017-05-10 20:36:40 by sorohanro

Hi there!

I'm happy to announce a new EP. this time a bit more on the rock side of the music. Some of the tracks are actually composed in 2009, in their early incarnations are here on NG. Now they got some better guitar parts, some punchier brass (after I got my trombone), really cool drums, a nice mix and mastering.


Mihai Sorohan - guitar, trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, keyboards, bass guitar 
Bojan - bass guitar on "Black Cat" (courtesy of Goran Grooves) 
James McCoy - bass guitar on "Hope to See You Again" (courtesy of GoranGrooves) 
Darius Rudis - drums on "Black Cat" 
Goran Rista - drums on "Freedom Cry" and "Hope to See You Again"(courtesy of GoranGrooves) 

Tracks composed by Mihai Sorohan 
Mixed by Martynas Eidukevičius 
Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain, Orlando, FL 
Goran Grooves 
Cover art by Citrina,

Take a listen and tell me which track I should release for free on Newgrounds ;)


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2017-05-21 08:01:22

Great job, those are all nice songs. I liked Black Cat the most! It's got that cool, jazzy groove to it and the mix is just nice and tight.

sorohanro responds:

Thanks. I know, the other ones are maybe a bit cheesy and overly-dramatic, but they are part of my musical journey.