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It's a fun little game, very addictive.
Artwork is very suitable for this king of game and programing is good (no glitches).

The only minus it's that you didn't bothered to say who made the music, as if you don't have any respect for this kind of art and any interest to give proper credits to another colleague who worked on this game.

PhotonStorm responds:

Hmm, the music is clearly credited in the Credits section of the game, with a link to their site too - which we didn't have to include as they're a proper audio company and we paid them well for the music. So the link was added out of respect for their great tunes really.

If they had a NG account I'd link them under the Author Info.

Not Bad

For a "time killer" game this is quite good.
Good physics, good animation, good artwork, good in game sounds, music is a bit annoying after a while but this is a matter of taste.
Level design could be a bit more complex but as I said, for a "time killer" game this it's good.


This definitely have a great atmosphere and character.
Also music is great, really great. Who is the author ? Shouldn't he be credited for his work ?

Looks Great

Looks great and seems a very good game but I constantly have a bug that pass levels in one second. I even got a medal without really being able to play :(

This bug I have with Chrome browser and latest Flash player installed.

not bad

good things about:
interesting concept, make you thing and have fast reactions (not very)
decent graphics
better than a lot of flash games here on NG

bad things about:
gets frustrating having a game with no "Play Again" button (at least not visible for me)
no instructions, but that is part probably of the concept (test your IQ)
quite repetitive
music is good but gets annoyng after a while (also that is repetitive)

Ha Ha

From start, as an ideea, to dress up a rock is hilarious.
Sincerley, i expected that to be crap ... what a dissapointment, it is a preety decent one.
Graphics-not too much, but ok
Interctivity-normal for a dress up game
Music-quite ok, matching a fashion show

i like it mostly for the funny ideea to dress up a rock ... that rocks :)


very usefull for people who want to participate to "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"
for the rest, can be a fun way to check your knowledge level

nice game

nice, good graphics, simple and intuitive control
still, no"play again" or "try again" button


preety graphics, easy to play and additive
but ... the story line have nothing to do with the game itself, the game have on and on the same dynamics ... so, after a while gets boring.
but the most annoyng thing is the amount of breaking messages with "download" and stuff
not a very bad choice for times when you are bored to death at the workplace and you need something to substituite the classic Solitaire

quite additive

well done, i'm not a fan of rpg's but this one i liked, anyway, comparing to what you find usually on NG this is CANDY

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