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Posted by sorohanro - February 1st, 2013

Probably the best version, the one who won the internet olimpics:

Another funny version, more complete as music parts:

And one stupid and annoying, so we cover all categories:

Enjoy :)

Posted by sorohanro - December 22nd, 2012

Pretty much what title say. If you cut a tree, at least make it for a more reasonable reason than to put it in your room and throw it away after several days/ weeks.

Best Christmas Tree EVER!!!

Posted by sorohanro - November 9th, 2012

One of my best (to my opinion) tracks, Hope To See You Again got the chance to be played live with a reorchestration I made for a big-band. Here's the video. I'm the guy with the blue guitar.

/* */
Please ignore the mistakes :p

Posted by sorohanro - November 3rd, 2012

Found those useful so I copy them here for future reference:

/* */
Introduction to string arranging - a nice tutorial, more on the theory and composing/ arranging side.

/* */
CineBrass Impressions - Good tips for brass writing.

/* */
Tutorials on AudioTuts+
- Making Your MIDI Strings Even More Realistic
- Quick Tip: Realistic Panning
- Making a Convincing Melody with Sampled Orchestral Strings

Posted by sorohanro - November 3rd, 2012

Found this useful so I copy it here for future reference.

Kick drum - bottom 50-120hz / boxiness 400hz / basketball sound 1khz / attack 2.5khz Snare - fatness 100-240hz / boing 900-1khz / attack 5khz / snap 10khz
Rack toms - bottom 200-540hz / Ring 900hz / attack 5khz
Floor toms - bottom 90-120hz / attack 3-5khz
Cymbals - clang 200hz / crispness 7-10khz
Electric guitar - fullness 240-500hz / bite 2.5khz / edge 4khz
Acoustic guitar - fullness 80-120hz / body 240hz / presence 2.5-5khz
Piano - fullness 80hz / body 240hz / honky tonk 2.5khz / presence 5khz
Bass guitar* - bottom at 60-100hz / string sound 700hz / snap 2.5khz-3.5khz
Vocals - Fullness 120hz / boominess 240hz / presence 5khz / air 10-15khz
Organ - Fullness 80hz / body 240hz / Presence 2-5khz
Horns - Fullness 120-240hz / piercing 5khz
Strings - Fullness 240hz / Scratchiness 7-10khz
Conga - Bottom 100-160hz / ring 200hz / slap 5khz
*Fender Jazz bass has a fullness of 1khz

Posted by sorohanro - October 14th, 2012

Here are some movies that Citrina (Marina Sorohan) & me (Mihai Sorohan) made for "Fest i kinokasjotten", premiered last night in Odda cinema.

The Music Within
Idea, acting: Mihai Sorohan
Filming, editing: Marina Sorohan
Music: Odda Sangen by Andr. L. Eide
Made for 2012 Odda Litteratursymposiet

/* */
Internet Addiction
Idea, music, acting: Mihai Sorohan
Filming, editing: Marina Sorohan
Made for 2012 Odda Litteratursymposiet

/* */

Posted by sorohanro - May 8th, 2012

A cool trick ti sound more polytonal and keep things under control.
- over Dmin7 use G Maj Triad -G, B, D- and F Maj Triad -F, A, C.
- play four eighth noted over each triad, switching back and forth:
G-D-B-G--F-C-A-F--D-B-G-D--C-A-F-C-- etc.
- make up other patterns, but stick to four notes over triad formula.
- now, here are the hip ones:
- over C7 use C Maj triad - C, E, G- and Bb Aug triad -Bb, D, F#- for a sound that is whole-toneish...
- over C7 use F# Maj triad -F#, Bb, C#- and E Aug triad -E, G#, C- for an altered/tritone sound.
- over C7, (normal dominant or altered), use Db- triad and D Aug triad
- over Dmin7b5 use Bb Maj triad and Ab Aug triad
- over CminMaj7 use F Maj triad and Eb Aug triad.

Here's one formula that can be used for some combinations:
- C Maj triad and Bb Aug triad --C E G - Bb D F-- over these chords:
***F# alt7

Posted by sorohanro - April 29th, 2012

Posted by sorohanro - April 14th, 2012

Posted by sorohanro - April 3rd, 2012

Found this tutorial and feel like sharing it. It covers the most important steps in creating a professional sounding dubstep track, from kick, snare to wobble bass line.
All in a simple way that even the most beginner can understand.