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The animation was a bit basic, but the story was actually funny. Reminded me of our cat.

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Savage little girl is savage. Very good animation and style, as always.

You're back!!! Loved your "Neenja" series. Love this one too.

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It's a fun little game, very addictive.
Artwork is very suitable for this king of game and programing is good (no glitches).

The only minus it's that you didn't bothered to say who made the music, as if you don't have any respect for this kind of art and any interest to give proper credits to another colleague who worked on this game.

PhotonStorm responds:

Hmm, the music is clearly credited in the Credits section of the game, with a link to their site too - which we didn't have to include as they're a proper audio company and we paid them well for the music. So the link was added out of respect for their great tunes really.

If they had a NG account I'd link them under the Author Info.

Not Bad

For a "time killer" game this is quite good.
Good physics, good animation, good artwork, good in game sounds, music is a bit annoying after a while but this is a matter of taste.
Level design could be a bit more complex but as I said, for a "time killer" game this it's good.

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This definitely have a great atmosphere and character.
Also music is great, really great. Who is the author ? Shouldn't he be credited for his work ?

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Very nice, somehow unexpected mix of styles. I love the chopped theme.

Pretty nice track. Love the brass arrangement.

In some parts that brass plugin sounds so cheesy, but hey, it's free.
The combination between the pretty standard chord progression and the bebop-ish part at 0:58 makes it to stand out. Could have some soloing, real or vst instrument.

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Sledgeh-ogg responds:

Didn't see your review until now, but thanks. Don't really get what you mean by "Could have some soloing, real or vst instrument", but I'm glad you liked the track. Sadly, i don't have any solution to the cheesiness of the plugin, other than actually having a brass band play it, which isn't really a possibility.

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O-nceput anu' bine. Tare fain, felicitari.

Good artwork, you overly talented artist.
Now, I'm sad that you have such thoughts. Is there anything I could do to help?

Troisnyx responds:

Just keep the thoughts and the prayers coming. I feel very unsafe where I'm at... Not because of anything happening now, but because of past history.

Very nice.

marsoupskin responds:

thank you!

Don't be bitter, be better. (A.Madubuko) Flesh will rot but songs remain in ages. (Citrina)

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