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This should be the new Batman soundtrack. You just went full epic.

Nice. I like the contrast between the "wintry" instruments and the groove.

BenTibbetts responds:

Thanks! Me too, I like how this one came out. Glad you enjoyed it.

Cool track, pretty complex production. Love what you did with the voice.

Nice to see a normal chord progression, some structure that doesn't repeat same 4 chords, some development. At 00:10 I would go with a different chord; e, g#, b, d is a E7 which clashes with that c# in the melody, instead I would go with same chord f#, a, c#, move the bass to e (so it would be a F#min/E or F#min7 with the 7th in the bass as a transition note to D maj, next chord). This way you would have a common note in the melody and chord, create a feeling of stability by having same chord and creating a tension with the 7th, just enough to propel you to the next chord.
Anyway, love the 80s, early 90s feel.

Paranoidhumanoise responds:

Wow this is great feedback thank you. I think i understand what you're saying, though my music theory could definitely use some improvement. Regardless i am very grateful for this, i will consider this moving forward in my practicing. Take care!

Nice... well, maybe "nice" is not the most appropriate word for a metal track... Cool track. After listening to it I feel like after a good coffee.

TSRBand responds:

Thank you! Happy you liked it :)

Added to the Christmas playlist ;)

JohnnyFrizz responds:

YAY! :D Thanks brother, happy holidays!

Great, as usual. Added this to my Christmas playlist.

Bosa responds:

It is an honour! Also, I love your rendition of Joy to the World which you recently submitted.

My face just melted. Now I need another one. Do you have any idea how much costs to get a new face like mine?
Also, 02:35, my favorite moment in this track.

Quarl responds:

Sorry about your face Soro ☹️

Very nice composition and performance. To my taste, it could have been recorded with less room, a closer mic setup, but hey, that's just my taste. Anyway, congrats.

BenTibbetts responds:

Thanks Mihai! Yes, probably should have put the mic closer. Very resonant room (church, all hard reflective surfaces).

I like the composition and arrangement, not a big fan of the vocal, but it's fine. Maybe start a collab with a really good vocalist? It's a nice composition, it deserves the best you can get for it.
5 stars anyway.
Cheers ;)

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