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All About (my) Jazz

2008-09-04 06:57:31 by sorohanro

Several days ago I received an invitation from "All About Jazz" to make a profile page and put some tunes for download there ... quite flattering I say ...
Some days ago, making a Google search on my name I found myself on some records I forgot about ... Shukar Collective - Rromatek.
So, here's a list of my recordings as a side musician or band member:
2003 - Balkan Winds - live at Deutche Welle (trumpet)
2004 - Nightlosers - Rhythm & Bulz (trumpet)
2006 - One- demo (trumpet)
2006 - Glidq - live at Delta RFI (trumpet)
2007 - Shukar Collective - Rromatek (trumpet)
2008 - Kaska - Liber si nesilit de nimeni (trumpet)
2008 - Teodora Iacob - Efecte speciale (trumpet)
2008 - Black Chocolate - demo (piano, guitar, trumpet)
and in January of 2009 on Musea Records will be released The Spaghetti Epic III where is featured track "Suite Pauline" by band Yesteerdays featuring David Speight on drums and me on trumpet :)

Also some people are buying my music from my "" page, despite of the fact that I have there links to all the places where you can have it for free ... guess some people wanted to support me :)

so, here, have some links of me over net:
Mihai Sorohan Official Website
Mihai Sorohan on All About Jazz
Mihai Sorohan on Reverb Nation
Mihai Sorohan on Soundclick
Mihai Sorohan on My Space
Mihai Sorohan on Facebook
Mihai Sorohan on Last FM
Mihai Sorohan on Noisehead

My newest tracks, submitted for MAC8 - Flight in Freedom: /178458 /179964

todat Oct. 21, 2008 I'n featured artist of the day on Noisehead, on Jazz page

Teodora Iacob's new album

2008-06-15 08:27:34 by sorohanro

Today is first promo concet of Teodora Iacob's album, album where you can hear my trumpet on several songs.
The music is a combination betwen Folk and Blues with elements from jazz and classical music also.
you can buy it from Sysound, the same record label where you'll be able to buy my album also (end of September)

interesting link HERE, HERE and HERE

Teodora Iacob's new album

Playing Live Music

2008-04-18 20:33:49 by sorohanro

now i'll take advantage of the new cool feature
I'll post some videos with me playing with different bands on some important festivals
here with "Slang" at "Golden Stag Festival" in Brasov (a town in Romania) in 2005

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and in studio, recording for "Yesterdays", a progresive rock band

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hei, i just found a new one

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