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Don't be bitter, be better. (A.Madubuko) Flesh will rot but songs remain in ages. (Citrina)

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sorohanro's News

Posted by sorohanro - February 4th, 2011

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Posted by sorohanro - January 1st, 2011

Title says pretty much all.
Last concert for 2010, first concert in 2011, live on Tele3 with the crazy guys (aka Timohi). The trumpet was a bit out of tune in the beginning because of the cold but later on was ok.

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New Year Concert Live on National TV

Posted by sorohanro - December 21st, 2010

Recently I got hired as a guitar teacher at Noriu Groti guitar school (because I finished Music Academy at trumpet and worked many years in orchestra as trumpet player... well, life...).
Anyway, made an arrangement for "Silent Night" (aka "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht") and had some fun recording guitar teachers from Noriu Groti (me included) and made a silly little video as a Christmas gift ;)

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Also, got on tv again with our silly rock project, Timohi:

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Video in Lithuanian, me on trumpet, also speaking a little bit Lithuanian (quite bad).

Live on TV and Christmas Video

Posted by sorohanro - November 14th, 2010

Again, participating at "Lietuvos talentai Atranka 2010"

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Just Been on TV With Timohi

Posted by sorohanro - November 13th, 2010

Next thing to come:

Posted by sorohanro - November 8th, 2010

Well, actually working and preparing to go to Lithuanian language lesson (that's a hard to learn language, complicated beyond imagination).
Anyway, got a virtual cake, probably the best virtual one:

Birthday - cake, fun and...

Posted by sorohanro - November 3rd, 2010

After many many months of gradual effort we're finally able to unveil the first ever free vowel ensemble choir pack!
The Vowel Ensemble Pack has the ability to morph into the ah, oh, ih, eh, ee vowels using the modwheel for Kontakt patch or separate assignable controls for Mu.Lab Mux patch.
The choir patch was developed by me (Mihai Sorohan) together with Richard Osborn for Mu.Lab Multisampla and Selcuk Bor (from Symphony of Specters) for Kontakt.

Citrina - soprano & alto
Jelena - alto
Roman & Dimitri (Timohi) - tenor
JonnyZed - tenor
Mihai (aka sorohanro, aka me) - tenor & baritone

Gear used:
Microphone - AKG Perception 170
Preamp - Art Tube MP Project Series
Soundcard - M-Audio Audiophile 192
Samples at 32 bit float, 44.1 khz samplerate.

Mu.Lab Files

Download Mu.Lab Multisampla format patches separately
Download Mu.Lab Mux Patch
Download "Ave Maria Sound Alike" Mu.Lab session.
A reworked version of the pack named "Choir Vowel Ensemble Pack" is available on the official Mutools website on the "Download" section.
Jo from Mutools converted all 6 patches into a MuSynth patch and also converted all samples to Ogg files to keep filesize low (in the original is 32 bit wav).
The quality is still decent but the size is much smaller, so it's more suitable for people with a slower internet connection or with smaller HD drives.
Kontakt Files
Kontakt files and patches can be found on Symphony of Specters Facebook Page. "Llike" the page and download the awesome patch ;)
Technical details:

A note about Kontakt users, since we did not buy a free player license you must have the full version of Kontakt 3.5+ to use this library.
It comes in a wet and a dry monolith file. We decided to keep it monolith for now for simplicity sake.
Installation is easier, download, load in Kontakt and enjoy.
If you use the Mu.Lab version you need:
- Mu.Lab (free version would do it just fine)
- Multisampla format patches separately - unzip them and copy the " Vowel Ensemble" folder to MULAB/User/Library/MuSynth - this will make available the separate patches (A, E, I, O and U) as Multisampla patches.
- Mux Patch that you copy to MULAB/User/Library/MUX - this put all the vowel patches into one "synth" that crossfade between vowels and allow you to make speech like patterns.
To see how is that done, you can download the "Ave Maria Sound Alike" file.

Here are some demo songs using the Vowel Ensemble Choir Pack:
- Era Meets Bob Marley-Choir Demo
- Ave Maria Sound Alike
- Choir Demo A-E-I

For more sample packs check HERE.

Vowel Ensemble Choir Pack Finally Ready !

Posted by sorohanro - October 6th, 2010

This is how should sound Romanian traditional music.

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Posted by sorohanro - May 10th, 2010

Me on "interwebs"
My Website: www.mihaisorohan.net
MySpace page: www.myspace.com/mihaisorohan
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/mihaisorohan
Soundclick: www.soundclick.com/bands/577411
Last FM: www.last.fm/music/Mihai+Sorohan
All About Jazz: www.allaboutjazz.com/php/musician.1717 1
NuMuBu: www.numubu.com/profile.88272
IndieStream360: indiestream360.com/Mihai_Sorohan/
Nuzic.com: http://www.nuzic.net/members/1050

NG Achievements:
First Place on MAC 08 Flight in Freedom with track "Icarus - Dream of Flight"
First Place on MAC 09 Valoltines with song "You Make Me Feel (Like a Penicorn)"
Music used in games:
Music for "The Insanity" game by EvilKris.
Music for "Xmas Champion" game by Zupperman.
Silly Cat, it's a Ragtime ! used in 11 Flash entries !!!
Music for NG Office Adventure v1.3 by Afro-Ninja, a virtual tour of NG office.
Music for Social Studies Quiz a simple quiz game by SpyreWorks.
Music for Pepe Pillz game by PopBrain.
SHIFT 3 and PongMP using my track "Genesis" which was originally made for a theater play.
Music for Secret Kisses
... and more...

Selling music:
Album For Sale: Sysound.ro
Noisehead: www.noisehead.com/mypage/mihaisorohan
Selling licenses for my music:
AudioJungle: audiojungle.net/user/Mihai_Sorohan
Revostock: www.revostock.com/profile.42175

Freebies I offer for music production:
Muted Trumpet Solo Loops in C 100 bpm
Jazz Trumpet Loops Pack in F 90 bpm
Jazz Brass Loops Pack in C 120 bpm
MultiSampla Rock Pack Free
FreeSound: www.freesound.org/users.1179015

Tracks included in Mu.Lab 3 official release and Demo Sessions.

More or less official video for Eden - Nirvana

/* */
Swinging Train - Oleo (2008) (composition by Sonny Rollins)

/* */
Slang - Got Stuff live at Golden Stag, Brasov, Romania (2005)

/* */
Eden at Lithuanian National Eurovision semifinals, LRT, Vilnius, Lithuania (2010)

/* */
Eden at Lithuanian National Eurovision finals, LRT, Vilnius, Lithuania (2010)

/* */
With Balkan Winds

/* */
Narkoma - Social Coma (2001)-video by Eugen Kelemen, me on bass

/* */
Timohi - Optimizmas - live at Tele3 - Myliu LT

/* */
Ultimul Rand - live at FĂ©lsziget Festival in 2007

/* */
Interviews & Album Reviews & Press
Rockritic - Mihai Sorohan - Anachronic
Teen Press - Interview
Article about our band on "Sighisoara Blues Festival" 2006
Article on "Threepenny Opera", me as musical director

To be added more info soon.

Posted by sorohanro - April 27th, 2010

I have the tendency to meet myself in many places at the same time.
Latest find was THIS. A good usage of my free trumpet loop packs.
Another find is HERE, Erin Gee's prologue for 2plus2, which was premiered in September 2009 as part of CrossHatch: Dance and the Arts in three Saskatchewan cities.
Also worth to mention my demo tracks for Mu.Lab. Some of them are included in the official release of the program.